Eyoyo a triple screen add on your laptop to increase productivity

Eyoyo a triple screen add on your laptop to increase productivity

Eyoyo a Triple Screen Workstation Add-on for Laptops

Eyoyo brand monitor  has launched more than 4 years+ from a business company which started 12 years. Eyoyo has developed a two-screen for laptops, including three sizes 10.1 inch, 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch,  which effectively expanding any laptop into a triple monitor laptop. Authough the idea of extending a laptop screen is not new, but now, its popular, since the more and more people work at home and remote work. Like this ,sometimes all you need is one extra screen for your business customer, paterner, classmate, presentation, etc.

Eyoyo make you do three different things at the same time

A Eyoyo Tri-screen have three screens ,so you could use it do three different things at the same time, such as, when you watching video ,you also could do research and do you work, three different size screen could be choosed.Boost productivity , multiple screens are proven to increase productivity of worker by 20%-50%


Go Anywhere With Triple the Screens

The aim is to be able to attach the screens on-the-go and have them work as well as a full monitor. Eyoyo's two-screen extension attaches to the back of any monitor screen. The pair of displays slide left and right so their screens are completely viewable, you could change the angel and stable.


The System Is Lightweight and Flexible Screen

The unit weighs arround 2-3 pounds  total, with a universal attachment that mounts on the back of any laptop. The thickness is around 26mm, There is also a kickstand included with the unit to keep stable.That is for any laptop that might tip from the weight of the screens since there three kinds of size, 10.1inch, 11.6inch, 13.3inch.

Power and Display

The screens must have power and display access for each screen. That means there need to be two HDMI ports and two USB ports, for the micro USB connectors. The alternative, if the laptop lacks the necessary ports, is to use one screen at a time. Never Mind, the package include what you need.


Nothing To Do But Setup On The Go No Driver

There is no extra software needed, or any other equipment necessary to set up the system on a laptop. The Eyoyo Screen  is two 10.1″  1080p screens on slides, that come with two Micro USB cables, two HDMI cables, and a kickstand, adjustable length.


Solid and Thin

The system is lightweight, and rugged design for function, stability, and durability. The entire system folds up for easy storage and carrying.  The company is targeting many of the now mobile workers in many industries, even developers. Show your slides and powerpoint for your business.


There are three sizes with different price start from $399.99(Estimated Retail Value $450)


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