Eyoyo dual screen excell for the Price. Gets the Job Done

Eyoyo dual screen excell for the Price. Gets the Job Done

Excellent Monitor for the Price. Gets the Job Done

I have been searching well over a month for a portable monitor and decided to go with this one based on the price and tri-screen. I have to say, for my first dive into this market, I am pleased with my purchase. Although Eyoyo is not a well known manufacturer, in America at least, it appears to deliver in its specifications and it old brand more than 4 years

1. Lightweight
2. Satisfying picture quality
3. In-the-box accessories included, along with slim cover.
4. The price is affordable
5. Works with my laptop and cool

1. Speakers could be louder.
2. Settings for HDR are washed out, not sure what the setting "auto" does in HDR mode.

Overall, I would recommend this device for anyone who want portable monitor for increasing productivity, if you want three monitors for work at the same time, it's cool and affordable price.

I would also suggest buying a mini hdmi to hdmi adaptor to make it a bit easier on you when switching from multiple game consoles.

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